Friday, April 4, 2014

Saccos bowl haven -Somerville MA

Okay so......
I've kind of always been against this place. I refuse to wait 4 hours to bowl anywhere. The last two times I've tried going there was a 4 hour wait. I had to go to Somerville and I was in the area early. I decided to see if there was a wait, there was barely anyone there. So I decided this was finally the time to go. This was also my first time bowling alone, I didn't really care though. 

Well I didn't really like how the tables/sitting areas are tables, there isn't a traditional score keeping table. The pins and lanes were in rough shape, but the place in General was cute and I was okay with it. If you want a well maintained house then this isn't for you. 

I actually bowled pretty okay and got through two strings really quick. You also get a server, I think they were sad to see I was actually bowling and didn't need their services, mine was very nice and brought me some water though. 

There is a bar, full restaurant, decent bathroom. 

$4 a string wasn't bad, id totally go there again if it was slow like when I went. 

There is only street parking so keep that in mind also, Davis sq is really popular now.

Academy lanes - Haverhill MA

Well Garvey and I actually went here a couple of months ago, I'm finally getting around to posting the pictures. This was kind of a flop for me since I was in the middle of my knee injury and couldn't bowl well.

This place was massive! When I say massive I mean almost 50 lanes. We were in a part of the place where there was no cosmic happening. My eyes can never focus well if we are doing cosmic. 

It was $3.50/ string, really reasonably priced for such a big house. I'd consider going back because it's cheap! Like I said I barely bowled because of my knee, but I was still excited to check out a new place.

Monday, March 24, 2014

South boston

I actually went bowling on Friday in Brockton and didn't take any pictures, so just my Sunday ones will have to do. 

Heather and I headed to southie because it was a reasonable inbetween house for her and I. There was a fundraising event happening and there was other people there so it was a pretty full house. 

I was really surprised with how decent of a ball I was throwing there. I don't think I've ever bowled that well there before. I'm not complaining though, I will take my 107 & 100 happily.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Random pictures

Westgate lanes brockton, MA

Pilgrim lanes Haverhill, MA (candlepins for kids taping)

Boston bowl Dorchester, MA

Thursday, February 20, 2014


HI everyone, I'm nursing a hurt knee so there hasn't been much bowling going on. I might be out on Friday so I will try to post this weekend.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Viking recreation - E Bridgewater MA revisited

Here are some updated pictures I took from my last trip to Viking. 
We came right after a birthday party ended, good timing!
I never bowl super great here, but it's a nice place not too far from me, reasonably priced! 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ficcos Bowladrome - Franklin MA

Relatively speaking Franklin isn't too far from my house, but for us to all go there it isn't super convenient. It's always been in the back of my head to go there. Well yesterday we finally did!


It was a pretty big alley so thankfully getting a lane wasn't an issue. They even put us on a different side than all the kids were on which was nice. 

We bowled an okay game and I'm really glad we finally took the trip down 495 to check them out.

It was $4 a string at the time when we were there which was okay. I like when we can bowl for under 4. Shoes were 2.75 I think? They took cards which is helpful and there is tons of parking.
They also had lottery which was nice.

The lanes are in good shape and everything worked well. No balls stuck, no broken resets. They even offered average cards. I wish I was closer to here so I could bowl here more.

Thumbs up from us